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Familiar flavors from another era

Our main subject is the processing of meat products, poultry sausages and traditional smokers, while our priority and main concern is still the quality of the raw materials, the safety of the consumer and the protection of the environment.

All products are manufactured in a modern production environment, which is checked on a daily basis, both at the level of raw material procurement and production processes, having the certification of the TÜV 22000 system.

Our new products


  • Pork Smoked Steak

    Pork Smoked Steak

    The light herbal and spicy smokiness give the sweet taste of the excellent pork chop a special aftertaste

  • Stuffed Chicken Roll

    Stuffed Chicken Roll

    Chicken roll with rich filling that takes off the flavor. Top quality roll of chicken leg stuffed with cheese and bacon.

  • Chicken Bacon

    Chicken Bacon

    Chicken pieces wrapped in crispy bacon strips cover even the most demanding palate.

  • BBQ Chicken Wings

    BBQ Chicken Wings

    Juicy and crunchy, with sauce that sticks to hands and lips, eat with mania either plain or with blue cheese.


  • Cheese Filled Peppers

    Cheese Filled Peppers

    Bell peppers with vegetable cheese, salt, vinegar and sunflower oil

  • Pepper Caviar

    Pepper Caviar

    Eggplant, green pepper, mustard, garlic, salt and sunflower oil

  • Pepper Caviar Hot

    Pepper Caviar Hot

    Roasted red peppers, roasted eggplant, sunflower oil and salt

  • Roasted Red Pepper

    Roasted Red Pepper

    Red pepper, garlic, parsley, salt, vinegar, water

Where you will find our products

Here you can find out about the addresses of stores with BELLIS products.

Our news


HO.RE.CA 2019

Our company participated in the exhibition HO.RE.CA. 2019