The Store

Since 1994 we satisfy even the most demanding tasters.

bellis retailstore

Address: Nik. Hasou & Bas. Filipou, Florina ZIP 53100 Telephone: 2385 045638

In 1994 we establish the first retail and meat processing store at the center of Florina, the founder is the father of the family Bellis and his younger son. The store evolved over the years, as the market demands preceded and finally transferred to a larger modernized space.

In 2014, the retail shop in the town of Florina, in the city center, in one of central points towards the Municipal Market, with a total area of 70sq.m in a completely renovated space, fully covers the needs of the modern consumer, but remains faithful to the tradition and the quality of its products.

It is the only retail store in Greece, where you can find the entire product range of meat products Bellis, Belgusto and delicatessen products Florina.